• Riverland

    You are only as old as you feel and we want you to feel young. Feeling good comes from looking good and for our superb Riverland clientele, abundant in the best sunshine and citrus, we want to match that with the highest quality beauty and anti ageing services around. About Face Skin and Hair offer premium beauty salon treatments such as waxing, manicures, pedicures, tinting, eyelash extensions and countless others. Impressive services in extension to these are cosmetic tattooing, cosmetic injectables, dermal fillers and laser hair removal. Make an enquiry with us today and you will be resplendent in the Riverland tomorrow.

  • Anti Wrinkle Treatment

    Looking your best sometimes needs a helping hand and About Face Skin and Hair is well equipped to provide that beauty and anti ageing helping hand. We seek to halt the decline in your looks despite the incline in your age. Our qualified and expert team at About Face Skin and Hair make available to you invaluable services such as Cosmetic Injectables incorporating Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers. We are adept in administering processes like Venus Freeze where sagging skin on your cheeks and neck can be firmed or Platelet Rich Plasma injections can be drawn from your own blood, centrifuged, separated and reinjected back into your body to stimulate healthy new skin cell and collagen growth. If you are interested in obtaining any anti ageing treatments, we encourage your enquiries so that we may provide you in-depth, one on one responses and best answer your individual needs.

  • Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers

    Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers are treatments collectively known as Cosmetic Injectables. These treatments involve the insertion of a rejuvenating product into a troublesome area to plump, smooth, hydrate and restore lost volume or smooth away static lines and relax wrinkle causing muscles. Carried out by qualified professionals, some treatments will require a prescription as well as a comprehensive consultation. You can rest assured your desired outcome and quality care will be foremost in our minds when embarking on efforts to rejuvenate and replenish your face and skin.

  • Cosmetic Tattooing

    Our lives have become faster and fuller leaving precious little time for day to day routines. If you could get up in the morning and have your eyeliner already done, your lip liner colour already in place and even, perfectly sculpted eyebrows sitting atop your face, wouldn’t that lighten the load. About Face Skin and Hair offer fully qualified cosmetic tattooing specialists to apply these face beautifying and time saving benefits. The services being Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattooing, Lip and Eyeliner Tattooing and Scalp Micro-Pigmentation involve semi-permanent pigments being expertly applied to your upper and/or lower eyelids, to fill and define your lips and using feather like strokes to replicate perfect brow hair over the top of your existing brows. Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is fast becoming the go to solution for men suffering the effects of male pattern baldness. With the cropped or shaved look having such wide appeal, it is an easy side step to achieving this look with the application of pigments directly to the scalp to create a look of natural hair follicles growing through. The technicians we have on staff are passionate about these treatments and you will find photographs of their work on our website. Your only decision will be when can you make it in to see us.

  • Laser Hair Removal

    The modern world is geared towards flowing, healthy locks on top of your head, but less accepting of hair everywhere else. Unwanted hair, embarrassing stubble, ingrown hairs and follicle infections will all become a distant memory when you take advantage of our hair removal services. About Face Skin and Hair technicians are expertly trained in using machinery such as the Intense Pulsed Light Machine to emit specific wavelengths of light to permanently reduce hair from your body and face. Using this technology, we are able to provide the quickest, safest and most highly effective method of hair reduction resulting in superior results.

  • Salon Services

    About Face Skin and Hair are proud to offer their range of diverse and extensive services and invite you to visit our website for further information. Our range of services available to our valued clientele across the Riverland on top of our specialised treatments listed above includes manicures, pedicures, waxing, tinting, chemical peels, light therapies, acne treatments, eyelash extensions, teeth whitening, fat reduction treatments, dermabrasion and all manner of hairdressing to list a few. Our team is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction and we seek to hear from you today.