• Home Loans in Mount Compass

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    Mount Compass (5210) is one of those special suburbs. It’s a small town, in the Mount Lofty Ranges. Close to beautiful beaches and smack bang in the middle of Adelaide’s southern wine regions, there’s no wonder why people are flocking to Mount Compass. Looking to call it your home too? Call Grant Renshaw from Advantage Finance today. Grant's Australian Credit License number is 384510.

    Mortgage broker

    Your mortgage broker puts the best of the best, right out on the table for you – so you can choose the deal you love. Once you’re happy with the terms we’ve negotiated for you, we’ll prepare a written contract. This will include the agreed rate, the loan period, the loan structure, and other essential information. A mortgage broker takes away the stress from the application process – removing all of the jargon and advertising spin that can confuse you. Talk to us today, if you’re thinking about buying a house.

    Using your home as leverage

    If you need more money to pay bills or finally get to that home improvement job, refinancing is a great option for you. Here are five things to think about to protect your home and the equity you’re building every single day. Consider these points when you’re looking for a loan.

    1. Points and fees

    Make sure you’re aware of points and other fees you’ll be charged. They may not be refundable if you choose to refinance.

    1. The loan term

    How many years will you be locked into? Do you have any credit card debt or personal loans? If you consolidate, you may have to make payments on these other debts for a longer time.

    1. The monthly payment

    What is the monthly amount? Will it change or remain the same? A change will affect your taxes and insurance.

    1. Prepayment penalties

    Will you be charged if you pay off the loan early or even sell the home? These fees may force you to keep a high rate loan, making it really expensive for you. Make sure you’re aware of a prepayment penalty, before you sign on the dotted line.

    1. Will the interest rate increase if you default?

    A missed payment can result in you paying a higher interest rate for the rest of the loan term. It’s best to get your broker to negotiate this out of your loan agreement, if it’s in there.