• Plumbers Ingle Farm

    Your plumbing system is more than just water. It’s your shower, your kitchen sink, your washing machine… Just try and think of anywhere in your home where you have pipes and drains. Can you imagine having problems with any of these things? Constant blockages, leaks, burst pipes, rust-coloured water, and foul odours – it’s not pleasant. But it can happen if your plumbing system if it’s not properly taken care of. A plumber is your saving grace.

    We connect you to the right team of plumbers, offering you an affordable, quality and timely service. Long-lasting plumbing solutions, at a fraction of the price – that’s our difference. Call us today if you live in the area If it’s water-related, we do it. 

  • About Us

    We have been helping commercial and residential properties with their plumbing, for over 27 years. We know better than anyone else what your system needs to run at its very best. Combining our long-term industry knowledge with our state-of-the-art equipment, you’ll get the type of plumbing service that no other can offer. Talk about bang for your buck!

    Here are just a few things we can help you with:

    • General plumbing
    • Hot water service and installation
    • Hot water repairs
    • Emergency plumbing
    • Blocked drains
    • Drain camera and hydrojet
    • Blocked toilets
    • Blocked sinks
    • Water and gas leak detection
    • Roofing and guttering repairs
    • Commercial plumbing
    • Air conditioning installation. 
  • Leaky roofs are trouble

    Rain rain, go away, come again another day. We’ve all heard the rhyme. But when it comes to leaky roofs, you can’t just wish for it to go away. You need to call a plumbing contractor instead. If your roof has holes or your plumbing is weak, the rain will find all the weak spots. Unfortunately for you, this means puddles of water all over your house. No need for a watery mess. Call us now. 

  • Whenever, wherever...

    When do emergencies come up? Anytime. When can you call us? Anytime. Forget stressing yourself out in an emergency. We’ve got you covered. We’ll take care of emergency gas line issues, sewer line stoppages, burst washing machine hoses, kitchen and bathroom drain clogs, broken water heaters, overflowing toilets, and much more. If it’s water-related, we’ll do it. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – we can stand in for you, in any plumbing battle.