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  • Tree Pruning Adelaide

    Shaping, trimming and pruning your tree is important on several levels. There is preventative maintenance pruning, which helps modify the tree to avoid future damage. Then there are other forms, like maintenance pruning and for aesthetics.

    It is important you hire a trained, experienced arborist like us to protect your tree and the surrounds through using correct pruning techniques and equipment. A trained arborist will know whether they are pruning for maintenance, safety or aesthetics, and be able to successfuly carry out the required works.

  • Preventative Maintenance Pruning

    Pruning your trees in Adelaide can be a prudent measure, which not only prevents property damage but can also improve the health of your trees. Cutting back your tree can be dangerous work and is best handled by a trained professional. Our arborists are fully trained, insured and equipped with the best quality tools and safety harnesses. Trees are also important parts of our homes and gardens; they are alive. Arborists are trained in Arboriculture and understand the ways in which trees grow. The three types of tree pruning are crown maintenance pruning; crown modification and environmental and habitat pruning.

  • Crown Maintenance Pruning

    This type of pruning is not about reducing the size or look of your tree. Rather, it endeavors to improve the health of your tree by removing dead branches and thinning the crown. Like a sculptor the arborist seeks to work with the existing form and shape of the tree.

  • Crown Modification

    This form of pruning does reduce the size, and changes the shape, of the tree. Most often applied to reduce the risk of damage from falling branches and the failure of overall structural integrity of the tree. Involving reduction pruning, pollarding, crown lifting and line clearance in some circumstances.

  • Environmental & Habitat Pruning

    A wholistic approach to Arboriculture, taking into account gardens, parks and environments as living entities. We can see the forest for the trees, can you? Habitat pruning optimises the health of these natural spaces in accord with their community functions.