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    Finding the right electrician, a good electrician, can be a tricky business. You want someone who is certified and has lots of experience… but how do you know who you’re actually hiring? After all, electricity is no a matter to take lightly, especially in your home. Choose a company with experience that speaks for itself. One of Adelaide’s leading electrical companies, we hires only reliable, experienced and dedicated electricians. No matter the job, big or small, we’re on the job – no matter what condition your lights, switches or sockets are in. We’ll quickly work out a remedy… it’s as simple as that. Need help saving energy in your Colonel Light Gardens (5041, SA) home? Call us for free quotes and advice on saving solutions.

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    We provide you with quick, affordable, and long-lasting solutions – executed by friendly staff with an amazing moral compass. We don’t just let anyone in your home. Just like we don’t just let anyone join our team.

    We can help with the following tasks:

    • Fault finding
    • Outdoor and garden lighting
    • Security lighting
    • Entertainment system installation
    • Appliance test and tagging
    • Re-wiring
    • Kitchen and bathroom
    • Appliance repair and installation
    • Data and telephone cables
    • Additional power points
    • Emergency electrical repairs
    • Safety switch installation
    • Smoke alarms
    • Switchboard upgrades
    • Air conditioning.

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    Beat the summer sun, with a servicedair conditioner

    Try and beat an Adelaide summer with no air conditioner. We’ll take off our hats to you. But you don’t have to live in a sweatbox, just to save money on electricity.

    Air conditioners can also breakdown, if you’re constantly using it. You might even own a high-grade air conditioner, but without professional electrical wiring, you can overpower your system and blow a fuse. So how do you win against the summer sun if your air conditioner keeps giving out on you? You call us. We’ll evaluate your air conditioner – the amount of power it’s consuming and its efficiency – so you can stay cool this summer… without breaking the bank.

    Save money, with energy efficient appliances 

    Energy efficient appliances can save you money on your electricity bill – as well as do your part for the environment. Whether it’s for your home or business, let us find the perfect blend of appliances to use. From light dimmers that you can control to reduce the intensity of a light, to energy efficient appliances and gadgets, we’ll find what’s just right for you.