• Real Estate Burnside

    Would you like to be represented by the leading real estate agency in Burnside? If you are selling your home, or are in the market for a house, Korn Real Estate is a trusted name in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs. When money matters and you want to achieve a certain price; then talk to Korn. This team of talented sales professionals has been lighting up the property market in this part of town. What do they say, nothing succeeds like success! At Korn Real Estate that success is built on family values, respect and a love for the South Australian community.

  • Property Management Burnside

    With many Burnside investment rental properties under their care and management, Korn Real Estate know a thing or two about this sector of the market. Ian Wang, Senior Property Manager, at Korn Real Estate describes the necessary ingredients as, firstly, attention to detail in prospective tenancy checks, vigilant care and maintenance of the property under management, an awareness of price points in the rental market, and good client communication. Many Australians make their first forays into the property market as landlords and having the hassle taken out of it by professional property management eases the load.

  • Top Real Estate Agents

    Experience and excellent communication skills have paved the way for Korn Wang, Managing Director of Korn Real Estate, to reach a high level of success in the real estate business. He has passed on many of the things that he knows about the property market to his burgeoning staff. At Korn Real Estate training never stops, there is always something new to master and skills to hone.

  • Excellence & Training

    Like a master chef Korn grills his to staff get better at what they do every day. Excellence is like the ripe fruit just out of reach, he says; but you must always strain to attain it every moment of the day.

  • About Korn

    A family run South Australian business built on respect, courtesy and community values. Korn and Ian love Adelaide and they are proud to be working in this part of town. Astute and with a local finger on the pulse in Burnside, Korn Real Estate are achieving great outcomes for their many clients. Talk to them today about your house or apartment, and what is possible.

  • Contacts & Referrals

    The real estate business is a service industry and Korn Real Estate knows that better than anyone. Serving you with every ounce of their ability and know-how is the way they approach every sale, contract negotiation and property presentation. Talk to Korn today, you won’t be disappointed.

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