• Plumbers Tennyson

    For great value plumbing at low prices, call our affordable team. Cheap doesn't mean shortcuts, we are licensed, insured, and have many 5 star reviews across the internet for exceptional customer service, responsiveness and quality workmanship. Don't pay extra just to see it go to a large company's profits or overheads. Affordable plumbing done right!

    You can’t fault our team. We’ve been in the plumbing game for years. And we’re here to stay. We love what we do and you can see it in our work. We travel all over Adelaide to homes and businesses, taking care of all types of problems with great value prices. If you’ve got a blocked drain, a toilet that won’t stop running, a hot water system that’s not hot, or a burst pipe, call us immediately.

  • Emergency 24-hour plumbing

    Honest, reliable and great value… these are the things you need in a plumber. If you have a water issue in the middle of the night, you don’t want to just let anyone into your home. At Plumbing, we’ve been doing this for years – so it’s safe to say we’re not just any other company off the block. We’re the experts.

    We’re here, 24/7, for everything including:

    • Burst hot water system
    • No hot water
    • Hot water pilot light won’t go on
    • No hot water pressure
    • Gas smell on my property, kitchen cupboard or living room
    • Gas smell near my hot water heater
    • A concealed gas leak
    • A concealed water leak
    • Water coming out of the bathroom
    • A bathroom or kitchen leak
    • Running taps or taps won’t turn off
    • Broken garden, kitchen, shower, bath or basin taps
    • Leaking kitchen, shower, bath, basin or laundry taps
    • Broken washers
    • Smelly drains
    • Drain smell
    • Grease smell
    • Blocked grease pipes or drains
    • Overflowing drains
    • Over flowing or cracked toilet
    • Blocked sewer
    • Raw sewerage overflowing
    • Toilets not flushing or backing up
    • Clogged sink
    • Blocked shower drain, bath drain, basin, s bend or trap
    • Faulty cistern
    • Burst pipes.

    See, we really do it all. 

  • Blocked drains

    Clogged drain? It’s a real nuisance isn’t it? If you’re experiencing such an issue, get in touch with us. There could be hair, toiletries, grease, fat or something else in it, that’s causing the block. Let us get to the bottom of the problem.

    Call us, if you need plumbers that will:

    • Respond to any and all emergency situations, day or night, 24/7, 365 days a year
    • Can fix any and all plumbing related issues – including gas plumbing, hot water heating, burst water pipes, blocked drains and more
    • Are able to handle any odd situation that may arise
    • Will be there when they say they will.