• Brush Fencing Adelaide

    These  fences are extremely popular across most suburbs in the city. They transcend old or new homes beautifully and are a practical solution to noise reduction.

    In the most prestigious of eastern suburbs homes they compliment a classical style brilliantly, and in the coastal areas, there's something charming and rustic about them.
    There's no doubt that brush fences can add a touch of class to any home. In Adelaide, we are the premium installers of high quality fencing.

  • Brush Fencing Prices

    Every contractor varies, and you should always ask for a quote. However, please bear in mind the experience, track record, and quality of the build. We ensure our fences are dense and thick, tightly wired, and the base is cleared and free of future moisture or weeds encroaching. Down the track these things will save you money, so a quality service is worth paying a tiny amount extra for.
    Don't just look at the cost per metre, look at the quality per metre and what this means to your peace of mind in the long run. Paying once and getting the job done right is always the best option.

  • Services Offered

    Our brush fencers offer more than just a standard service we:
    - Show up on time
    - Clean up after ourselves
    - Offer Free Quotes to All areas of Adelaide
    - Trained Contractors Do sufficient Base Preparation
    - No shortcuts and Great Customer Service
    - Extra Quality and no shortcuts on thickness
    - Quality posts and ridge-capping
    - 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
    - Rave Reviews from decades in the game

  • Things to know before installing a Brush Fence

    There are a few things you should look for before hiring a contractor like us. As we take pride and care in every fence we build, we are happy to recommend references and addresses of previous jobs.
    In any case, there are a few things you should look for, these include:
    The base: Check the base of the fence carefully. This is the foundation of any brushwood fence. It should be very neat and tidy and have a base to keep it off the ground to increase longevity and avoid rotting.
    Fence Base: Was the base cleared properly of weeds, uneven ground, and were measures put in place to ensure it would be tough for weeds to grow within the fence.
    Wiring: Typically this style of fencing is wired into place in segments. Take a look at how well it is wired into place, and if the segments are nice and tight.
    Thickness: Is the fence a good thickness. It's easy to skimp on materials, so look closely to assess the density of the fence.
    Straightness: As brush wood fencing is typically installed in sections, if one section is out of kilter, then the next section will be. Look closely, it should be perpendicular to the ground in all areas, no excuses.
    Capping: Finishing it off with good capping is vital. Is the capping level, of a high quality and installed snugly. An assessment with the naked eye should be sufficient. Some contractors choose not to use ridge-capping, rather a horizontal bundle of brush. Again, assess the connection point and the wiring.


  • Advantages of this type of fence

    Apart from the obvious look which blends in extremely well with old and new properties to give a classy look, brush fences have a number of practical qualities.
    Noise Reduction: If you live near a main road there is no fence better at noise absorption than this particular style. If created to a certain height, ie above the window line of your home, all noise is absorbed and completely quietens your home.
    Style: If you are looking to sell, or blend in a fence with a classical home, there is no substitute. Especially in Adelaide where the look is very widely accepted. People love privacy, and they love a timeless look that appeals to all buyers. There is nothing more private or appealing than a brush wood fence.
    Contact us if you require a free quote. We are experts in our field, and have created hundreds of quality projects in all suburbs, on all styles and standards of homes.
    We would love to come out and quote on your house and show you how a truly professional business operates.
    Please use the direct contact form or the click to call button to get in touch with us and we will be extremely happy to assist.

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