• Real Estate Agents Christies Beach

  • Real Estate Agents Christies Beach

    If you are considering buying or selling a residence in Christies Beach, SA 5165, remember the name Adelaide South Property. Mark Neilsen is a real estate agent par excellence, who specialises in property sales on the south side of the city. He knows what houses went for, in just about every street and suburb in this area of Adelaide over the last 12 months and beyond. He makes it his business to know all those who are buying and selling property in these suburbs. Adelaide South Property have a data base to be proud of and it facilitates a whole lot of sales. Talk to Mark today about what he can do for you, call him on 08 8186 2777.

  • Making a Good Impression

    Selling your house or apartment begins with that first impression, when the potential buyer first graces your home and looks around him or her. What do they see? Is it something they want to buy, somewhere they aspire to live in? Mark Neilsen can show you a few secrets of the trade, in terms of presenting your Christies Beach property in scintillating form. Adelaide South Property have a tried and true methodology, which helps them achieve optimum prices for their vendors. All real estate agents are not the same and it is not a level playing field out there.

  • Selling More Homes

    To not only survive, but thrive in a highly competitive space, Adelaide South Property has developed a successful approach to selling more homes in Christies Beach. Potential buyers are categorised into seven main groups; who each have particular requirements they are looking for in a property. Recognising these distinct grouping allows Adelaide South Property to market the right homes to the right potential buyers. They will assess whether your residence is suitable for first home buyers, young professionals, mature professionals, renovators, property developers, investors or retirees. Once these target markets have been identified, they can be reached through appropriate channels. This technique produces more tangible leads, which inevitably result in more sales.

  • Advertising Your House

    Mark Neilsen combines acumen and experience to achieve great results for his vendors in Christies Beach and surrounding suburbs. He knows the area and can promote the many attractions that this part of Adelaide has to offer its residents. Adelaide South Property can utilise the Internet, social media, SMS message their large data base of potential buyers, create video presentations, aerial photography, produce impactful brochures, employ stunning visual onsite signboards and letter drop fruitful markets to reach buyers for your home. Choosing the right combination is what Mark and the team are very good at. Selling homes at optimal prices is what they do.