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  • Electrician Trott Park

    If you have purchased an older home or decided that it’s time to upgrade your current home’s electrical system, you need to find a professional electrician Trott Park. At PPH Electrical, we’re ready to get you connected. And keep our number close by in between electrical projects, just in case you have a power outage in Trott Park SA.

  • About PPH Electrical

    Choosing PPH Electrical, our customers know what to expect from us. From our stringent processes to our suppliers, we are open and transparent. We’re also flexible – which is important when it comes to dealing with multiple customers. We do our best to work around our customer’s schedules – not the other way around.

    We do our best to stay on top of industry changes, so we can always provide new, innovative ways to complete your electrical requirements. This means we’re constantly adapting our processes and procedures to match what’s expected of us, on-site.    

  • Why do I need to hire a professional electrician?

    It’s sometimes tempting to think you can do things yourself around the house. And that is definitely the case, but not when it comes to your safety. There are numerous reasons why you need to hire a professional electrical for electrical work in your home – here are eight.

    1. On-the-job safety issues: this is dangerous work. Don’t put yourself at risk
    1. Long-term safety concerns: you may think you’ve done it right, then run into problems later
    1. Getting the job done right: save money in the long run
    1. Education and know-how: professional electricians have been doing this for years. Leave it to the experts
    1. An ability to troubleshoot: you may not know what the issue is – an electrician will
    1. Protecting your appliances and devices: you may damage your expensive appliances while trying to DIY 
    1. Work is guaranteed: if there’s a problem down the track, you can call the electrician back
    1. Covered by insurance: this is a big one. Professionals are covered by insurance – you aren’t.


  • Electricians Trott Park

    Locally owned, PPH Electrical services homes in Trott Park and nearby suburbs. No matter how old or new your house is, we can help you with any electrical issues or updates. Give us a call today to arrange a quote for your project.

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    Looking for a professional, reliable licensed electrician? Call Tyson, from PPH Electrical, Trott Park 5158, on 0411 899 036 or use the contact form for a quote or a question. For a fast reply please also include your number and return email address and Tyson will get in touch as quick as he can.

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