• Your Local Conveyancer in Hindmarsh

    When buying or selling property it is important to have a registered and experienced conveyancer on your team. A conveyancer will inform you of your legal obligations, cooling off rights, and liaise with all parties through to settlement.

    Mary of Conveyancing Specialists, has over 2 decades of experience. Mary is always available to provide advice and answer all your questions throughout the process. So whether you are selling or buying or simply transferring property, Mary will work closely with you to protect your interests, inform you of your rights, take the stress out property for you.

  • Mary's Difference

    By dealing with Conveyancing Specialists, you are dealing directly with Mary DeNardis. Mary completed her certificate in Land Broking in 1994 and has over 2 decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge in South Australian conveyancing matters.

    Mary reinvests in her education, constantly undertaking professional development courses. This keeps her on the cutting edge of any changes to legislation associated with conveyancing.

    One of the first things you'll notice with Mary is how meticulous she is, and her attention to detail. At all times Mary handles your file and does not delegate. This provides the cohesion required to avoid small mistakes that can turn into large mistakes.

    Most of all, Mary through her business, Conveyancing Specialists, works for you. Your interests must be protected at all times through the right advice, and a thorough conveyancer.

  • Services Provided

    For a full range of services, please use the click to call button to contact, or click on the button to go to the full website.
    For the vendor, contracts and form 1's are reviewed to ensure that your legal obligations are met, and to explain any special clauses that may be of concern.
    For the purchaser Mary will review the contract and make you aware of your obligations and also any let out clauses. Remember, the real estate agent is there to look after the vendor in this instance, so you need someone to look after your interests.
    Private Sales are becoming more important as people see the value of saving agents' fees. Mary can draw up private contracts and include any unique clauses that may be specific to your transaction.
    Subdivisions. Conveyancing Specialists works with many developers and home owners with allotments suitable for subdivision.
    Family Transfers / Spouse Transfers. A unique set of documents will be required to comply with any court order. Each transaction is different and requires a unique approach. If you are looking for a local conveyancer in Hindmarsh who will work hard for you, then please contact Mary for a free introductory meeting.