• Resurfacing in Reynella


    Are you looking to take your kitchen to the next level? Then look no further than Resurfacing Adelaide. At Resurfacing Adelaide, we’re Reynella’s best alternative to renovation because we can change the dynamic of your kitchen quickly with our choice of laminates and veneers. Whether you want to mix and match, or blend, our range of 28 colors and numerous textures and materials will guarantee you will get the look and style you’re looking for. At Resurfacing Adelaide, our services are just what the doctor ordered to make your home’s interior the product of your vision and increase the resell value of your property. So why not give us a call today at 0412 385 82 for a FREE quote and consultation? 


    Or maybe it’s your bathroom that needs a tender touch? At Resurfacing Adelaide we will put our experienced, skilful hands to work to bring the best out of your bathroom by resurfacing walls, tiles, vanities and even recoating your grout. Whether you’re looking for something modern, unique, or timeless, we can definitely assist to bring your desires to life. Cut out the hassle that comes with renovation, and get your bathroom resurfaced with us today. We will save you money, time, and worry! Reynella’s best bathrooms are bathrooms surfaced by Resurfacing Adelaide! 


    Resurfacing is cheaper and more convenient because it is a quicker process than renovating. Renovating is best suited to rooms with structural problems, whereas resurfacing is more of a cosmetic procedure. If you’re happy with the arrangement of your bathroom or kitchen, but just want to give it a new look, resurfacing is definitely the way to go. If you choose to resurface your room with Resurfacing Adelaide, you can save big. How big, you ask? Well you can save 70% on the potential $20 000 outlay it would cost to have a room renovated! And what’s more, you can have your room ready to use within 48 hours, whilst renovating can take weeks and weeks whilst workmen gut and then refit the room. So if you’re looking for that cosmetic makeover, and hadn’t considered resurfacing before, now is the time. 


    At Resurfacing Adelaide, we are experienced, friendly, and courteous and we care about our clients. You can trust all of our services will be conducted with a smile, and that any room we work in will be thoroughly cleaned on our way out. We have built a reputation for our workmanship and we are proud of the service we provide to the good people of Reynella. The chemicals we use in your home are also the safest in the business. We only use low VOC chemicals (Volatile Organic Compounds) to ensure that any room we operate in is safe to enter shortly after treatment. We offer full guarantees on our services and products and FREE quotes and consultations for you – the prospective client. So why not give us a call at 0412 385 82 to see what we can do for you today?