• Plumbers in Dulwich

    Welcome to Fawcett Plumbing and Gas, your local licensed plumber in Dulwich SA. We pride ourselves on quality and customer service above all else, and as a family business with over 38 years experience, we have some great recommendations.

    Whether you're in need of someone to oversee a full bathroom renovation, or simply install a hot water system, let Fawcett handle it.

    You can call  Fawcett to do the job for you. This is a company that has more than three decades of experience in the plumbing business. If you call, you will get assistance at any time of the day. The company prides itself in being able to attend to any clients at any time of the day, even emergency plumbing, 24/7. Not only are we experienced, but also have affordable prices.

  • Blocked Drains

    One of the problems that Fawcett deals with is blocked drains. These can be caused by items stuck in the pipes or too much soil  and debris sometimes from storms. They can also lead to smelly sinks. Fawcett own a modern hydrojet drain cleaner, with a CCTV camera designed to locate the exact point of the blockage. We then blast out any debris and your drains are as good as new. Call on this services to fix any blockages you may have. 

  • Hot Water System Installation

    Additionally, you can call Fawcett if you need to install a water heater system. With all the best brands, we can install your emergency hot water quickly. Talk to us about the different energy efficient options to heat your water. The heating systems used are of the highest quality and will not easily break down. 

    You can also find us in Blackwood, SA.

  • Additional Services

    •Hydrojet CCTV

    •Kitchen renovations

    •Bathroom renovations

    •Troubleshooting gas or electric problems

    •Solar, Gas and electric heating system installations and repair.

    •Leaking taps.

    If you are in Dulwich and decide to call a plumbing or gas company, then Fawcett should be the first name you dial. Fill out the direct contact form or give us a call.