• Carpet Cleaning in West Lakes

  • West Lakes is a dynamic, innovative community which deserves a dynamic and innovative cleaning service – And luckily, that’s where we comes in. We’re the go-to guys for all of your cleaning needs, be it commercial or residential, home or business, inside or outside, carpets, tiles, upholstery, grout and everything in between. We’ve been cleaning Adelaide’s most prestigious seaside suburbs for so long, that we can’t imagine doing anything else! Call us today for a FREE quote on all of our services! We use only the best chemicals and most state-of-the –art machinery, guaranteeing you a fantastic service. 


    Is your carpet harboring dangerous mould and toxins? The fact is, you might not actually know. Carpets that might otherwise look clean can, in fact, be filled with all manner of nasty bugs. That is why your carpets deserve to be cleaned by professionals! We have 20 years experience steam cleaning carpets just like yours. And in that time we’ve mastered our craft to the point of being an art form. We use only the safest Australian chemicals, and only the most state-of-the-art equipment, which guarantees your clean is both quick and effective. 


    It can be a stressful time when your lease is coming to an end. You know there is a big inspection coming, and there is so much work to be done to make your home or office look a little less ‘lived in’. Have no fear; We are here to help! There isn’t a stone we won’t turn – or a surface we won’t scrub – to impress your landlord. We will sanitize your walls, kitchen, laundry and bathroom surfaces; de-lime and de-scale your tiles, steam clean your carpets and polish all metals. We know what your landlord wants to see, and we will go above and beyond their expectations.


    Do you have a lounge chair that needs to be brought back to life? Don’t let it wait any longer, we will restore your lounge and uphold its upholstery with our upholstery cleaning services. Our cleaning methods will extract unsightly stains and unseen grime from your chairs, leaving them as good as new.  It doesn’t matter how stubborn the stain or game the grime, we will get it out every time! 


    Are your dreams not-so sweet? Maybe your mattress is doing the dirty on you? Mattresses can accumulate a lot of sweat, dead skin and dust mites that make your bed a pretty unhygienic place to spend your night. When it comes to your health, having your mattress cleaned is as important as washing your clothes. Thankfully, we’re experts in mattress cleaning as well. We will have your mattress cleaned of sweat, dust mites and dead skin, and then sanitized ready for use!


    Trying to keep your tiles and grout clean can be time consuming and thankless. Regular mopping can actually make the problem worse, soaking stains and grime deeper into the grout and causing discoloration and further hassle. This is why your tiles and grout need a professional clean by a team of experts. We will clean, strip and seal your tiles, and finish up with premium cleaners and sealers to prevent future stains. We’ll put a smile on your tiles and take the pout out of your grout with our incredible tile and grout cleaning services.