• Conveyancing Specialists - Thebarton Conveyancers

    Conveyancing Specialists is run by experienced property conveyancer Mary DeNardis and serving clients in the Thebarton and greater metropolitan region.

    If you're purchasing or selling land, you'll need an experienced and registered conveyancer like Mary on your side. With over 20 years of experience, and a reputation for thoroughness, Mary can assist you with any property transaction you need assistance on.

    Mary's approach is unique in that she will personally handle your transaction from start to finish. This eliminates any delegation or lack of cohesion which so often causes mistakes. As an experienced operator, Mary always undergoing training on the latest property law changes. Mary makes sure that she has the experience to identify any potential problems early on, and avoids her clients facing unexpected problems down the track

    With more than two decades of experience as a registered and licensed property conveyancer, let Mary handle your property transactions.

  • Services Provided

    Conveyancing Specialists can assist in all your property needs, when it comes to selling, buying, subdividing or transferring a property to a family member. These are all very important transactions, and it's essential that you have someone on your team who can protect your interests. Mary can create contracts with special clauses to protect your interests, or interpret and explain clauses in any vendor or purchase contracts.
    For the vendor: Selling your home? conveyancers prepare legal contracts and Form 1. In South Australia, these are the Cooling off forms.
    Before you appoint a real estate agent, it is a good idea to talk to your local conveyancer to ensure the correct forms and contracts are used to protect your interests.
    For the purchaser: Mary can offer pre purchase advice and contracts. Don't leave a major financial decision to chance, get fully informed before you take this step and get advice before you sign the contract.
    Private Sales: Private sales are more common now as people seek to save agents' fees. With the right contracts the process can be very smooth. Mary can ensure the contracts an cooling off forms are in place, and that your interests are protected.
    Land Divisions: With over 20 years experience, Mary has assisted developers in many subdivisions. For subdivisions, altering boundaries, re aligning boundaries or amalgamating allotments, Conveyancing Specialists can help.
    Family Transfers: These can be through court order, or through simply moving property to a family member. Mary can ensure the legal documentation is correctly prepared.