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    There is no other design company in Adelaide with the recognition for design excellence and premium craftsmanship which Jag Kitchens has established. For nearly 3 decades their team of designers, cabinetmakers and talented tradespeople have been creating award winning designer kitchens for the homes and businesses of this city. A kitchen renovation can transform your living experience, turning domestic chores into domestic bliss. Talk to the professionals today and discover just what is possible for your College Park home.

    Quality Cabinetmakers

    Choosing the right benchtop material for your new kitchen can make a world of difference. Jag provide cabinetmaking expertise to help you make the right choices for your new kitchen cupboards and fittings. Their experience enables them to put it all together perfectly for you.

    Design in College Park

    Getting the right design for your distinctive College Park home or business is an active partnership. Jag Kitchens’ designers will take on board your ideas and combine them with their exceptional skill and experience to produce a unique and wonderful kitchen design. Jag Kitchens were awarded the 2015 National Housing Industry Awards for Kitchen of the Year and Design of the Year. Peruse their portfolio of award-winning kitchen designs and consult with cabinetmakers and designers to create your own distinctive design.

    Complimentary Evening Seminars

    Whether you are looking for a contemporary style project, or a more traditional kitchen Jag invite you to one of their complimentary evening seminars. Meet with their designers, cabinetmakers and talented tradespeople to learn more about the amazing possibilities now happening in kitchen design. This may just be the most illuminating evening you ever have, when it comes to kitchens in the 21st century.

    Wine Cellars & Bars

    A purpose-built wine cellar and/or bar can define your home. Stylish timber, or glass and chrome, exposed granite, or marble, the possibilities are endless, with only your imagination setting the bar. Jag – Made For You.