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  • Building Inspections in Aberfoyle Park

  • Considering a building inspection for a home or property in Aberfoyle Park, SA 5159? A2Z Building Inspections are a proud South Australian, family owned and operated business. They are 20 year veterans of the building trade, and fully trained by the Masters Builders Association. They offer Pre Purchase Home and Property inspections; Pre Sale inspections, New Build Final inspections; Pre Auction inspections; Rental Property inspections; and Pre and Post Lease inspections. A2Z Building Inspections provide a 7 day a week service, from 8am to 8pm. Their comprehensive same day reports include accompanying photographic evidence. In addition, clients receive an onsite detailed consultation and professional advice at no extra charge. A building inspection will not cost you a great deal of money – it could, however, save you thousands in unexpected ongoing repairs to your new home or building. Call 0401 953 057 for an appointment, or please fill out the Direct Contact Form.

  • Pre Purchase Inspections

    Buying a new home or property without having the building professionally inspected is an invitation for serious and costly trouble. We have all seen the TV current affair programs featuring the unsuspecting purchasers and the dodgy builders, and the expensive horrors that eventuated.  Never assume that things are going to be alright, always thoroughly check things out – especially with property. A2Z Building Inspections can help you make an informed decision about your potential property investment.

  • Property Inspections

    A2Z Building Inspections can make your new home purchase in Aberfoyle Park a much sounder financial investment. Their in-depth report can provide you with evidence about possible leaks, decay, rising damp, distortion, cracking, sagging, bulging, corrosion, surface drainage, stability, undulating surfaces, swelling, brick fretting, mortar eroding and defective linings – these are just some of the problems commonly detected. You want to know if serious structural issues have been cosmetically covered up; and you want to know about these issues before you sign the contract. A2Z Building Inspections offer certainty instead of doubt; and all at relatively little cost.

  • Pre Sale Investment

    Vendors can benefit from a Pre Sale inspection, because they can instigate the necessary repairs before putting the property on the market. Your A2Z Building Inspection’s report will be an aid to making a quick sale – it will save you time and money selling your house.

    Rental Property Inspections

    Are you up to date with the state of your rental property investment? A2Z Building Inspections can provide a report, which will allow owners to save money on maintenance by meeting the structural requirements in a timely manner – before serious expenditure is demanded.