• Retaining Walls at Aldinga Beach

    Maintaining a garden can be a big job, especially if your property is located in a hilly or sloping block of land. A retaining wall can be a great addition to your outdoor area by terracing sloping ground, raising garden beds and creating a more efficient use of space.
    Retaining walls are decorative, too, and can enhance the look of your garden, adding value to your property.
    If you’re considering building a retaining wall at your property and you’d prefer a local to the Aldinga Beach area, Troy from TC De Ron is the man to call. He’s built retaining walls all over the Adelaide Hills and southern regions, so he knows the climate and conditions, which is why he comes highly recommended.

  • Landscaping and Excavation Work

    A retaining wall can provide levels, which are an excellent use of space in your outdoor area, not to mention a more appealing way to present your garden if your home or business is located on a sloping block. But what if the ground requires leveling to install the wall? Troy De Ron can complete landscaping work to make room and install your retaining wall using your choice of materials. From railway sleepers to concrete, stone to boulders, Troy will help you choose a structure that complements your garden and surrounds.

  • Pathways and Driveways

    Improve the accessibility to your home and create a sophisticated frontage with TC De Ron. Troy can design and install a path or driveway to enhance the appearance of your home, making it more welcoming and stylish.
    Chat with Troy to find out how you can enhance the features of your home with a path or driveway. He will work with you to design your ideal frontage so your house will stand out from the rest.

  • Why choose TC De Ron?

    Owned and operated by Troy De Ron, TC De Ron has a reputation for providing great service and advice. Troy prides himself on his attention to detail, treating every job with the same high level of care and precision, whether it’s a minor landscape, or an entire garden overhaul. 
    Having installed retaining walls for many years in South Australia, Troy is a local. He knows the Aldinga Beach area and he’s eager to talk to you today about how he can help you to create your perfect outdoor area.