• Air Conditioning in Aldinga Beach

    For all your requirements in Aldinga and Aldinga Beach, please call Mueller. They have a fleet of vans on the road throughout Adelaide. For emergency air con repairs there is one name you can trust to be there when you really need them. They offer commercial and residential air-conditioning servicing at competitive prices. Their fully trained technicians have electrical, refrigerant, plumbing and ducting skills, which means that they can service, repair and install all forms of air-conditioning. Whether you have evaporative, reverse cycle ducted, Ductair, ducted central heating, wall splits or variable refrigerant systems they can help you. Call 1300 MUELLER.

  • Servicing Matters with Split Systems & Ducted Reverse Cycle

    Regular servicing of your air con unit is essential to its sound functioning and longevity. Domestic reverse cycle air-conditioning systems require servicing every 12 months; a failure to do this may void your warranty. Keeping your air healthy, reducing airborne bacteria; and improving the performance of your air conditioner are all things depended upon regular servicing.

  • South Australian Conditions

    South Australian conditions demand air-conditioning. Our very hot summers and cold winters mean that we keep our air conditioners on a lot of the time. New generation air-conditioning is delivering far greater cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. It is quite likely that your old air-conditioner is costing you money. Talk to the experts at Mueller about the perfect type of air-conditioning for your particular circumstances. We are all different, no home or business is quite alike. Getting the right type of air-conditioning goes a long way to saving you money.

  • Free Three Year Servicing for Aldinga Residents

    Purchase any new domestic reverse cycle system from Mueller Air Conditioning this month and receive a free three year servicing agreement valued at $660. Servicing matters when it comes to air-conditioning.

  • About Mueller

    Simon Mueller says, “customer service is now the biggest part of our business. We provide a seven day a week emergency repairs service throughout Adelaide.” When you want your air con fixed fast, remember the name Mueller. In Aldinga, and throughout the southern suburbs, this team of air-conditioning technicians are providing competitively priced repairs, servicing and installation.

  • Priority Customers

    Businesses in Aldinga are benefiting from Mueller and their Priority Customer packages. Your service manager will take responsibility for your annual servicing, preventative maintenance, detailed planning and scheduling. You will avoid costly disruptions to your business operation; and your staff and customers will remain blissfully unaware. Call 1300 MUELLER today.