• Goodwood Electricians

    Here is the good news in Goodwood, if you are looking for reliable and competitively priced electrical services; Iveson’s Electrical walk the talk, electrically speaking. Hamish Iveson is the son of a third generation South Australian family business of electricians. For forty years and more Ivesons have been fixing, installing and rewiring all things electrical. Some say they have a certain spark in their blood and that it is more than mere static electricity when you shake their hand. Although, the shock of discovering top quality workmanship and a commitment to customer service can generate an ecstatic response.

  • Local Electrical Contractor

    Iveson’s Electrical contractors provide the full gamut of electrical services in Goodwood. Our services include: LED lighting, safety inspections, fuses, switchboards, ceiling & wall fan installations, light switches, telephone wiring, audio/visual wiring, smoke detectors, power points, dimmers, electrical appliance installations and repairs. Plus we can rewire your home or workplace, wire your new home or business, and test and tag your residential or commercial electrical components.

  • Bamix & Magimix Servicing & Parts

    Bamix and Magimix are high quality commercial and domestic kitchen and bar appliances. Iveson’s have a full range of replacement parts and extras for these culinary kitchen wands and mixers. You don’t need to throwaway your appliance we can fix it and/or replace it. We deliver parts all over Adelaide; guaranteed fast delivery.

    Bamix have been making stick blenders for more than sixty years, they are a Swiss company and like Swiss watches and Swiss clocks, they are extremely well made and durable. Their products have transformed hotel and restaurant kitchens around the world; not to mention millions of domestic kitchens. Bamix is a hand held food processor with a range of additional tools now available.

  • Renovators Best Friend

    Whether you are renovating your bathroom or kitchen, or maybe, building a workshop or shed, we can wire or rewire these rooms and facilities. New power points, switches and dimmers- no worries! Expanded switchboards for more circuit friendly utilisation of twenty first century appliances- no worries! For all your commercial and household wiring and electrical requirements we provide best practice electrical work.

  • Lighting Your Abode

    LED lighting is the brilliant new lighting technology capable of transforming every room in your home or business. LED lighting not only looks sensational, it will save you dollars in terms of longer lamp life. But really it is the ability to light your house, or showroom, like a movie set; and you can become the stars in your own abode. Mood lighting for every moment!
    Do you need security lighting for your business, or home, with sensor lights and floodlights? Protect your investment with the power to dispel the darkness and illuminate those who wish to hide in the shadows. Whatever type of lighting you are considering, Hamish and his team, can advise you on their relative strengths and weaknesses; and then promptly and professionally install your new lights.
    Guarantees You Can Trust
    Iveson’s Electrical offer warranties and guarantees on the work they do and the parts they use

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