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    We all know what a mechanic does… they’re like doctors for our cars. And there’s specific knowledge required to be able to fix a car. Mechanics are experts in cars – and at Elizabeth South Auto Centre, we live up to this. We take pride in our work and take care of your car like it’s ours. It’s safe to say, that you, and your car, are in good hands with us. Live in Elizabeth? We’re not far from you, at 2 Bayer Road Elizabeth South. Drop us a line at 8255 2506 if you’ve got questions and can’t make it into the shop.

    About Elizabeth South Auto Centre

    Since we set up shop in 1996, we have helped thousands of people repair and tune up their cars. We take our time with our work, because we know just how important it is to be safe on the road – the second you turn on the ignition. We use the highest quality tools and equipment to give you the best auto care service there is. Our testimonials and referrals are a marker of our dedication to service, innovation and great work. We save you money, by making improvements to your car. This is the type of service you can’t get anywhere else. 

    What does a mechanic do?

    Car stalling? Making funny noises? Not turning on? Whatever the problem is, you’ll take it to a mechanic. Anything concerning your car, it’s your mechanics job to fix it. From suspension to brakes, to engine troubles and brakes, we’ve got you covered. What most people don’t know though is that you should see a mechanic before anything happens to your car – be proactive, not reactive. Full-body and engine check ups now can save you time and money down the track… not to mention, avoid any inconveniences out of your day. A regular check-up is definitely theway to go. You should alwaysfeel ok knowing that your car is.

    Take care of your tyres

    Your tyres are the tough rubbery support system that your car needs to run. You can have the engine, the brakes, and a beautiful interior, but without your tyres in tip-top condition, you won’t be able to get where you need to go. Show your tyres some love by treating them to a regular service and tune up. At Elizabeth South Auto Centre, we take care of every inch of your car… and your tyres are no exception. From installation of a new tyre, pressure checks and air refilling, rotation and balancing, we do it!