• Floor and Carpet Cleaning in Gawler

  • We are the cleaning company the people of Gawler can trust for all types of commercial and residential, interior and exterior cleaning services. We have 20 years experience in the field, the best cleaners in the business, and we use only the most state-of-the-art equipment available to guarantee our customers the type of results they deserve. Whether you need your carpets or upholsteries steam cleaned, your tiles and grout cleaned and sealed, or your entire property given the once-over for an upcoming inspection, we have the know-how and work ethic to have your job done on time and on budget.  So why not give us a call for a FREE quote? We guarantee the people of Gawler an incredible carpet clean every time. 


    We understand how important a clean floor is to the look and hygiene of your home or office. Carpets are expensive enough as it is, so of course you’d want to improve their longevity and maximize their visual appeal. That is why our carpet cleaning services are the best in Gawler. We want to treat your floor with the love and attention we’d give to our own with a full steam cleaning, which will rid your carpets of unsightly stains and unhealthy bacteria. You’ll be floored with your floors once they’re covered with a floor cleaned by us.


    Desperate times call for dynamic solutions. We know the stress that End of Lease inspections can cause. It can be even worse if you’ve allowed your rental property to fall into a bit of a rut. It’s time to forgive yourself and have the mess handled by professionals. We offer a full, comprehensive cleaning of commercial and residential properties, including interior and exterior cleaning, carpets, upholsteries, walls, sinks, floors, tiles and grout, and more. Our End of Lease cleaning will ensure you stay in your landlord’s good graces


    Is your lounge chair starting to look a bit secondhand? It might be time to stop lounging around and have it cleaned by a team who know exactly how to restore your chair to its former glory. We know stains can be a pain to get out with traditional cleaning methods. So we will steam clean your lounges and fabrics to keep them looking, and smelling, fresh as a daisy. Our steam cleaning cleans deep into the fabric, giving dangerous bacteria and mould no place to hide. To maintain the look, hygiene, smell, and freshness of your property, we suggest you have your upholsteries cleaned with every second carpet cleaning to maintain a fantastic standard in your commercial or residential address. 


    After a long day, we all look forward to retreating from the worries of the world and finding refuge in our beds. But is your bed clean enough to trust with your health and hygiene? Every day, layers of dead skin, dust mites and sweat gathers on your mattress, seeping deeper and deeper into the foundations of the mattress and possibly causing dangerous bacteria to form. Those bacteria could possibly lead to all manner of health risks for you and your family. Don’t take any chances with your health and well being. We’ll have your mattress cleaned, sanitized, and ready for use just before the bed bugs bite!


    If you love your tiles the way we love tiles, you could only ever have them cleaned by the very best. Don’t try to clean your tiles and grout with conventional cleaning methods. Mopping and scrubbing often make things worse by forcing stains and grime further into the grout, which can causes discoloration and a buildup of mould and mildew. We will clean, strip and seal your tiles and grout, making your tiling sparkle, and protecting it from future stains with our Australian made sealers!