• Air Conditioning in Hallett Cove

  • For all your air conditioning requirements in Hallett Cove, South Aussie Air Conditioning Services has you covered. We repair and install all makes and models of evaporative and reverse cycle air conditioning. We can assist with a quick call out and/or regular maintenance to ensure that your air conditioning system delivers when you need it most. We live in an era of helpful devices, which make our lives more enjoyable. Making hot days cooler and cold times warmer is what we expect of our air con systems, but they need to be looked after too. South Aussie Air Conditioning Services provide top class servicing for all types of units in Adelaide. Don’t get caught out this season, be prepared and give us call. Click here to be contacted by one of our friendly customer representatives.

  • About Us

    South Aussie Air Conditioning Services will ensure that your air conditioning at your Hallett Cove home or business, does what it is supposed to do. We fix problems and prevent other problems from happening, which might otherwise adversely impact on your cooling or warming experience. Working or relaxing is no fun when the air con is on the blink, especially in South Australia. Our climate demands optimally functioning air conditioning. Our technicians are fully trained and experienced with a huge range of air con systems. We can get your system back working before you know it. Call us now.

  • Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

    Reverse cycle air conditioning has become a boon for the modern Australian home and office. We can cool and heat our houses and workplaces, quietly, quickly and efficiently. With rapidly rising energy costs showing no signs of abating anytime soon, it pays to have the right type of air conditioning installed in your Hallett Cove residence or business. South Aussie Air Conditioning Services can help you choose and install the right model for your situation. Plus, we can ensure that you have the backup service that you deserve going forward.

  • Evaporative Air Conditioning

    Evaporative air conditioning is ideal for our climate and is another low-cost cooling solution for homes and businesses in Hallett Cove and surrounding areas. At South Aussie Air Conditioning Services, we can service, repair and install evaporative air conditioning for you. Evaporative is the healthy air con, so if allergies are an issue at your place, this could be the answer for your situation. Talk to us today.