• Rainwater Tanks in Adelaide

    If you're looking for a new rain water storage solution for your home or business, then why not consider a highly solid, and Australian made water tank from us. Our designs are of the highest quality and come in many different liter configurations. With the price of water going through the roof, you want to ensure that you have a cheaper option to save you $$$$. These tanks can supply the average home with up to 3 months of water, that can be a saving of up to $300. Stop throwing money down the sink and invest in a solution that will keep you clean, but also keep more money in your pocket

  • Rain Water Tanks

    Rain Water Tanks in Adelaide are not only a great idea, but they are mandatory for any new homes. It is a state government requirement that all new houses must have a water tank plumbed into the house. This process is to save water from being sucked out of the local rivers and lakes. It is also a benifical method to, as having one of these tanks can save you money in the long run, and produce 100%, no chemical infused drinking water. 

  • Polyethylene Tanks Adelaide

    As the council requirements suggest, the rainwater tank needs to be plumbed properly to the house by a plumber. This will usually not be plumbed directly to any drinking water, but rather to the toilet water supply. This is a great water saving idea, as the water used in the toilet does not necessarily need to be 100% pure. Rainwater tanks will come with an internal "float", similar to those used in the backings of toilets to ensure they refill. In the event where the water level of the tank drops too low that it can not service the toilet, the internal float will fall and trigger mains water to semi fill the water tank to a decent level.

    Polyethylene rainwater tanks are very popular due to their vast range of colours and different shapes. The colours can help make tanks appear a little more camouflage, and the shape means they can be a little more streamlined and get tucked away in small corners of the backyard that are less likely to be seen.

  • Colorbond rainwater tanks Adelaide

    Colorbond tanks come in a range of colours to match roofs and gutters. They also come in slightly slimmer designs to accommodate the modern backyard. Colorbond is a 100% Australian made and owned material and company. This is one of the highest quality made materials for use in homes and storage tanks. It is almost impossible to damage and will not rust, keeping the water you drink from the tank much cleaner and much healthier. 

  • How much will a new rainwater tank cost?

    The overall price of a new setup and installation will greatley depend on the size of the product you want, and how many you want. Naturally a higher volume tank will cost far more than a smaller volume one, and only buying a single one will cost less than if you buy 3 or 4. One thing that we can ensure is that we offer the most competitive prices in Adelaide, that will also be mixed with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. If you would like to know an exact price, call us today for a free no obligation quote.