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    When you need a plumber chances are you want a local Direk plumbing company who can do the job reliably, and affordably. DJ Plumbing and Gas is based in Adelaide's Northern suburbs, servicing Direk. Its owner Daniel is fully licensed and insured, and also a member of the Master Plumbers Association. DJ Plumbing and Gas provide a full range of maintenance plumbing solutions, from fixing or installing hot water systems, gas fitting, clearing blocked drains, installing a basin, or fixing a leaking shower or tap.

  • Why Choose a Master Plumber?

    This is a great question. Daniel of DJ Plumbing and Gas is a member of the Master Plumbers Association. By choosing a member, you are slecting a more reliable plumber and eliminating a lot of the risk of accidentally hiring someone unlicensed or someone who could potentially overcharge you. As a requirement of membership, Master Plumbers must abide by a code of ethics. Not everyone can become a member, in fact, the association regularly rejects those businesses that use bad practices, dishonest tactics, or overcharge. When you hire a professional you expect them to diagnose the problem truthfully and set about fixing it in the most efficient manner. This is exactly what you will get when you hire Daniel from DJ Plumbing and Gas.

  • What Services do you perform?

    DJ Plumbing and Gas are primarily maintenance plumbers. That means if something is out of order, broken, leaking, dripping or blocked, then Daniel is your local Direk plumber who can fix it.

    As well as being a licensed plumber, Daniel is a licensed and qualified gas fitter as well. This comes in handy for gas appliance installation, fireplaces, hot water systems and gas leak detection.

    A range of the most popular services include:

    Clearing of blocked drains

    Assistance in bathroom renovation plumbing

    Gas Fitting

    Hot Water System

    Fixing leaks

    If you have a different plumbing problem, chances are it can be cleared up as well, so please contact Daniel for a quote or to discuss your unique requirements.

    With a good reputation and a focus on customer service we highly recommend you contact Daniel of DJ Plumbing and Gas for your next job in Direk.

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