• Laser Tattoo Removal in Aberfoyle Park

  • Have a tattoo that you regret getting? So do many others. There are a lot of tattoo removal companies out there, but if you’re looking for a place where quality is put above profit, then we are the place for you.

    We specialise in removing and covering up tattoos. We have an amazing professional team that can help you, whether your ink is big or small, coloured or black, we have the equipment and expertise to start you on your journey.

    We have one business philosophy, do one thing, and do it well. We believe that every tattoo removal is different and needs to be treated accordingly. Experience and a detailed understanding of the process are necessary in order to ensure safety and the absolute best results for our customers.

  • Laser Tattoo Removal

    Permanent! That’s something that gets thrown around a lot in the world of tattoos. Most people believe that one you get one, there is no going back. Luckily, methods have been developed over the years to put that theory to rest. 

    Tattoos can now be removed safely and with minimal pain. Older methods would usually require skin grafting or harmful acid washes which could leave your skin scared for life. Our industry standard Yag Q Switch Laser machine can remove any tattoo, big or small in the safest possible way while leaving the end result of your skin beautiful. The entire process usually only take around 5 sessions, but can obviously be more depending on the size and colour array.

    What about the pain? While tattoo removal can have a few painful moments, overall it no more painful that actually getting a tattoo, and if you can take that process no fuss, then this shouldn’t be any problem. 

  • Fading and Lightening for cover-ups

    Is there a tattoo on your somewhere that you like, but wouldn’t mind having some changes made to? Like a fine piece of art, certain tattoo designs can seem boring and stagnant after a while.

    We offer our customers a solution to this problem, fading and lightening entirely or partially your current tattoo. This process is the same as removing a tattoo, but instead of removing it completely, we make it extremely light so you can have an entirely new design placed over the top, or have extensions added to your current design without having to delve into the entire removal process. 

  • How does the Process work?

    A lot of people are unsure on how the whole procedure works, some people are scared to even bother removing their unwanted tattoo in fears that it may scar and destroy their skin.

    We use a specialised machine called the Yag Q Switch Laser machine which is the best industry standard for tattoo removal. The machine sends light pulses down into the lower layer of your skin which breaks apart the ink. Over numerous treatments, the ink will break apart smaller and smaller, eventually removing the entire ink trace. The ink is then dissolved through the body and expelled through the bodies natural detox state which is extremely safe and harmless.

    It will not leave any scaring and will bring a breath of fresh air to your body.