• Laser Tattoo Removal Unley

  • Tattoos were made to be permanent. And for most of human history they were. A bad tattoo could be a hindrance for life. In fact certain tattoos have kept people from finding fulfilling jobs; prevented them being accepted into certain circles, and even stood as a bad reminder of past mistakes. But fortunately now tattoos are no longer permanent thanks to the laser removal methods we use at our business. We offer the good people of Unley the chance to reclaim their skin, or even re-imagine old tattoos with our removal, fading and cover up options. If you’re a part of the 27% of Australian tattoo owners who have regrets or new desires for their ink work, then we’ve popped up just in time with the right people and equipment to ensure that your skin gets the second chance it deserves! 


    Perhaps you see unrealized potential in your ink work. Maybe you’d just like to see your old tattoo evolve into something new? We have got you covered with our fading and cover up options. We can fade your old tattoos enough within 3-5 treatments to dull the colors and lines and repurpose the remains of your tattoo for whatever design you’d like. Our artists are experts in the field, and, they’re inspired by the chance to bring your old tattoos back to life. Our technicians also will be able to tell you how your tattoo will react to treatment with our RevLite SI removal option, which means that any consultation you get from us will be realistic, and any fading or cover up solution you have done with us will be precisely what you were promised. 


    The RevLite SI is the tool we use to remove and fade your tattoos. The product of 20 years of development, the RevLite SI is the best laser tattoo removal solution on the market due to its ability to target a wider range of ink pigments with its four wave length lasers. The RevLite SI works by delivering light energy to the site of the tattoo, which dissipates the ink deposits and causes them to break apart naturally within the body. The RevLite SI is safe, having been scientifically tested on a wide range of skin, and being deemed a safe method of removing tattoos by more than 50 peer reviewed papers. With merely 5-15, 60 second treatments, we can remove tattoos of all colors and from all skin types. And we provide this great service to the people of Unley for the reasonable price of (enquire within) minimum for each treatment. 


    We are made up of a collection of established and experienced artists and technicians who put the value of their results ahead of profits. We understand that we provide a very important service, so we always conduct ourselves with the absolute highest standard of professionalism, and we look to build close connections with our clients who will come to know us well over the course of their treatments. Located just 15 minutes north of Unley, we are the closest and best option for superior tattoo removal, fading and cover up in your area.