• Plumbers Murray Bridge

    Unsure what plumbing team to call in Murray Bridge. Choose the team that is the trusted name. We’ve worked with thousands of homes, on thousands of plumbing problems, for over 27 years. For all your plumbing requirements, give us a call. We also offer more boutique services, such as excavation, bob cat and truck services, electrical, tiling and bathroom renovations.

  • Best Plumbers Murray Bridge

    If you need a quality plumbing contractor in Murray Bridge then you are in the right place. We have a highly qualified and specialised team that are 100% Murray Bridge local plumbers. By supporting us you'll support your local community, as we always give a lot back every year. We are also the most price competitive company at clearing blocked drains. We pride ourselves on the use of a powerful yet safe hydrojet drain cleaner to clear blocked drains in Murray Bridge and the surrounding regions. Call us by tapping the number above for an over the phone quote or estimate.

  • Clear Blocked Drains Murray Bridge

    With our specialised plumbing equipment like our hydrojet drain cleaner, our team is able to detect the site of a drain blockage, and clear blocked drains Murray Bridge faster than our competitors. Our hydrojet drain cleaner shoots high pressure water through the blockage to dislodge any blockages, but without any damage to your drains. Since the equipment used works faster and more efficiently than others, we save you time and therefore money by contacting us, and we make sure we clear your blocked drains properly.

  • Emergency 24-hour plumbing

    Let us come to your rescue. Whatever water issue you’re having at home, we can fix it... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re in business to take care of your emergency gas line issues, burst pipes, kitchen and bathroom drain clogs, broken water heaters, overflowing toilets and more.
    These emergencies tend to happen when you least expect, so keep our number saved in your phone. To reduce emergency plumbing calls in the future, chat to us about a customised maintenance plan for everything that runs on water.

  • How Much Does a Plumber Cost?

    This will vary depending on the time of day, who you talk to, and how dirty the job is. Our plumbing prices are the most competitive in Murray Bridge and we charge only minimal callout fees and hourly rates. You can view our facebook page or website below for rates. Or tap on the click to call button to ask about how well priced we are when it comes to plumbing and clearing blocked drains with our hydrojet drain cleaner.

  • Gas Fitting

    Gas fitting is any task that involves installing, altering or repairing gas appliances. This includes fixing gas pipes, commissioning gas appliances and ensuring they’re working safely. Whether you’re installing a new barbeque, a patio heater or you smell gas in your home and you’re not sure why, call us today. We’re certified, insured and work with gas every single day.

  • What Services do we provide?

    As specialist plumbers, we do all sorts of services. Our main call out is for blocked drains, drainage issues and blocked toilets. If you suspect you have drain blockages then please call us straight away. We are specialists in this field and make it our primary focus to be the very best drain cleaning company around. We also do hot water, emergency 24 hour plumbing and gas fitting.

  • Emergency Plumbers Murray Bridge

    Everyone needs an emergency plumber at some stage. We all hope it never happens to us, but when there's sewerage and waste water everywhere, or a blocked drain, you need a fast emergency plumber Murray Bridge. As locals, we are already near you and able to help out quickly. On call 24 hours a day, all day every day we are here for your emergency. There is often a higher fee, but we pride ourselves on service and reliability. We must stress though that our specialty is clearing blocked drains. So if the job can wait until morning or a weekday then you will be much better off in terms of the cost.