• Property Management in Oaklands Park

  • Property Management Oaklands Park

    Thinking about professional property management for your Oaklands Park residence? Adelaide South Property is the number one name for top quality property management in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. This is an organisation dedicated to best practice in this space and they have a substantial portfolio of properties under their management. They will deliver you excellent returns on your investment and provide peace of mind around your property. Removing the pitfalls sometimes experienced by landlords is one of their key advantages to you; and an essential reason for their existence. Landlords and tenants do not always rub together in the right way and this can cause grief and loss of income. Talk to Adelaide South Property today about what they can offer you.

  • Rental Income Security

    Professional property management can ensure rental income security for your Oaklands Park property. Adelaide South Property can show you how to present your home to attract the very best tenants. It begins with great presentation and your property manager introducing prospective tenants to your residence, where they stringently screen them on your behalf. Sorting the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, and selecting the right kind of tenant for your property. A good tenant can be a productive source of income for you for many years if handled correctly. 

  • Landlords & Tenants

    The third party nature of professional property management is often a conduit to a better functioning and more profitable relationship between landlords and tenants. It takes the personal sting out of any demands made upon the parties within the arrangement. Setting a high standard from the outset is the key to maintaining standards throughout the leasehold period. Adelaide South Property will carry out regular routine inspections of your Oaklands Park property on your behalf throughout the year. These inspections are rigorous and designed to not only ensure standards of cleanliness, but reveal more serious damage and possible wear and tear. Good communication between parties produces the desired results and avoids worsening situations. 

  • Best Practice Property Management

    Adelaide South Property have industry best ‘on time’ rental income figures. They do not tolerate rental arrears, as this is a breach of the lease. Landlord Insurance is also available for property owners and recommended by them for protection in worst case scenarios. Put your Oaklands Park home into the hands of the professional property managers, and enjoy peace of mind, and solid returns on your investment. Talk to one of their property managers today about what they can offer you.