• Pest Control in Paralowie

  • If you are suffering from pest infestations, such as spiders, termites, bees or ants, choose OzPest to get you sorted, fast! DIY treatments can provide a short term solution, however, nothing beats a professional grade service to help manage pests for the long term. Our technicians use quality, effective and environmentally friendly products to eradicate pests, and our treatments are safe for children and pets too! We cater for all sectors in Paralowie, including homes, commercial facilities and industrial sites – there’s no problem too big or small of OzPest! Simply call us today for advice and an obligation free consultation and get on top of your pest problems.

  • Experience Counts!

    If you want a fully qualified and licensed technician to deal with your pest control problem properly, OzPest are the team for you. As a family business, we strive to provide personalised, friendly and affordable service to our Paralowie clients - so you can rave about OzPest to your family and friends! With a wealth of industry experience, our team of technicians led by Rob Hore, really know their stuff. Make sure you check back regularly for access to pest control specials and advise on our Facebook page!

  • Comprehensive Pest Control

    When you book a pest inspection with OzPest, you can be assured of a complete examination of your home, sheds, fences, decks and gazebos too. We eradicate all pests, including:

    • Spiders: Bites from spiders such as funnel webs and redbacks can be dangerous to the health of your family and pets. So invest in a spider treatment from OzPest that’s odourless, stain-free and safe for your loved ones. Our treatments carry a 6 month warranty for your peace of mind too.
    • Flies: If your property is plagued by blow flies, fruit flies and drain flies, chances are their breeding and food grounds are on or around your home. OzPest can deliver a fast and safe treatment to get rid of flies. Ask us how!
    • Bees & Wasps: Our gardens and homes are ideal for bees and wasps to anchor their nests and swarm the area. OzPest will safely remove nests, bees and wasps from your property and make it safe once more for your family and pets.
    • Bed Bugs: If you suspect an infestation of bed bugs, OzPest can help. We use child-friendly insecticides to rid your mattress and bed base of bed bug harbourages, in both domestic and commercial properties.
    • Ants: Ants are attracted to the warmth, water and food sources your home provides. OzPest will quickly and effectively treat ant infestations using specially formulated sprays, baits and dusts that are covered by our 6 month warranty. 
  • Termite Trouble?

    Don’t allow your home to be at risk of a termite invasion! OzPest provide a range of affordable chemical and physical barrier solutions to help prevent the pests infiltrating your property. Our technicians use the latest in detection technology, such as borescopes and Termatrac T3i, to search out any termite activity in your property and provide you with a full report. An OzPest inspection is a must if you are considering purchasing a property too – you don’t want an expensive surprise when you move in!

    If termites are found, you need professional technicians to tailor the right solution for your home. We install a combination of in-soil pesticide barriers, baits and dusts to ensure a thorough eradication of termite activity. We are accredited Termidor installers, and always stay up to date with the latest in termite control processes, so you can trust that we won’t rest until the job is done.