• Tyres Cumberland Park

    If you live in Cumberland Park and you’re looking for new car tyres, come and visit us at 107 Cross Rd, Hawthorn – we’re just around the corner! Goodyear Tyre and Auto has become a household name… and you’ll see why. While our focus is on tyres, we do car servicing, repairs and lots of other things – to keep your car working well on the road for longer.

  • Car maintenance

    The secret to making your car last longer is regular maintenance. We’re talking fluid checks, using quality oil and brake fluid, and cleaning and protecting the finishes of your car. Remember, it’s subject to harsh weather everyday – sun, rain, hail and wind. We’ve got some tips for you, to keep your car in good shape.

  • 8 tips to keep your car on the road

    There are things that you can do to keep your car going for longer. Let’s have a look at 8 of our top tips.

    1. Make sure you change your oil regularly. This is an important step – to help your engine last longer. If it’s not changed frequently, it can cause damage to your engine.
    1. Ensure your cooling system and coolant is flushed every year. It will help prevent deposits from building up and corrosion.
    1. Your transmission and differential oils need to be changed at every service. It’s best to use oil that’s recommended by your car manufacturer.
    1. Wash your car often. It might seem obvious, but this will keep dirt and grime out of your car’s interior.
    1. Your car needs grease. Make sure everything is well lubricated.
    1. Wax your car every six months – to keep the paint great.
    1. Keep your car in the shade, whenever possible. And try to use a UV protectant screen to avoid the plastic being affected.
    1. Clean and repack your wheel bearings with grease.
  • About Goodyear Tyre and Auto

    We offer affordable prices on a wide range of tyres – the very best tyres on the market. But we don’t stop there…. We educate our customers to give their tyres the attention they deserve. We do this because of safety, extra kilometres and performance.
    There’s a long list of Goodyear Tyre and Auto stores, but you’ll find your local one in Hawthorn. You’ll love our local service, as well as our loan cars, friendly customer support, trusted name, long-term industry experience, and quality workmanship.