• Real Estate Agents Hallett Cove

  • Real Estate Agents Hallet Cove

    Are you considering buying or selling property in Hallet Cove? Adelaide South Property are the trusted name in real estate in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. Mark Neilsen has his finger on the pulse of the market in this part of the city. He knows what every property sold for in your street, and in your suburb, and in the next suburb over the last 12 months and beyond. He can help you realise your optimal price on your house or apartment. Selling houses is what he is all about, and he has consistently returned superior purchase prices to vendors again and again. Call Mark Neilsen on 08 8186 2777 to find out more.

  • For Sale For More

    We all want to realise the best possible price for the sale of our properties, wherever we are. Adelaide South Property are committed to finding the right buyer for your Hallet Cove property at the right price. Mark Neilsen is prepared to work harder and much smarter to sell your home for more. Knowing the market and having the experience to know how to take advantage of that, is his point of difference. There are plenty of enthusiastic beginners in the real estate game, but they can waste your time and money on mining unrewarding leads. If you want to sell your house or apartment for more talk to Adelaide South Property.

  • Buyers & Vendors

    Adelaide South Property know more buyers and vendors in the southern suburbs of Adelaide than their competitors. Their data base is up to date and working for their clients seven days a week. Mark Neilsen walks those streets in Hallet Cove and the surrounding areas checking out homes and the features of those suburbs. Intimate knowledge makes a big difference when it comes to selling a property to a potential buyer. Talking the talk and walking the walk delivers results for buyers and vendors.

  • Marketing & Targeting Buyers

    Mark Neilsen and Adelaide South Property can assess not only the value of your Hallet Cove home, but where it is best marketed and to whom. Whether your property is right for a retiree, a first home buyer, an investor, young professionals, mature professionals, renovator or property developer. Real estate acumen and a wealth of experience puts Mark in the know when it comes to this valuable information. Cost effective and targeted advertising and marketing makes selling your home at the best possible price much more likely.