• Fodder Store in Morphett Vale

  • Fodder Store Morphett Vale

    Specialising in pets and livestock needs, Southern Stockfoods SA is your one stop shop for all fodder and feeds, bedding, vet supplies, natural herbal remedies, garden fertilisers and charcoal as well as chickens ready for laying and budgies. These products will be served to you by our friendly and knowledgeable staff who will help load up your ute or trailer or arrange delivery for a flat fee of $6 to the Morphett Vale area and neighbouring suburbs. Our two locations at Old Reynella and Hackham are operated by helpful staff who are happy to chat about your pet and livestock queries.

  • Fodder and Feeds

    Southern Stockfoods SA are in the animal industry because they are committed to ensuring the pets and livestock they serve through their customers are well looked after. Knowledge they may have is quickly passed on to our valued clients so they may make informed decisions and bring about positive changes in their animals lives, if required. Our repeat customer relationships keep our fodder and hay, grains and seeds, pellets and mash turning over so we can ensure our stocks are always being drained and fresh stock is coming in to replace it. We also stock canned and frozen options of food for a variety of animals. Some of the animals that we provide food ranges for include cats and dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, fish, turtles, alpacas, horses, snakes and chickens. Did you know that we can supply ready to lay chickens as well? We will generally have a quantity of chickens at point of lay in stock and can order more if our stock isn’t going to satisfy your eggs laying needs. Another feathered friend you may like to consider is a budgie. A budgie can become a real friend, providing company and conversation. Speak to us about getting one or two today.

  • Animal Beds Galore

    Your pets and livestock deserve a nice spot to rest up and call their own. We have all sorts of bedding available to accommodate all your pets. Small beds for cats, small, medium and large beds for dogs as well as dog houses. We can supply training cages for dogs and kennels as well as blankets and bedding for horses. To keep your pets healthy, we are excited to be able to supply natural herbal remedies for animals along with vet supplies. Your will find we will keep your garden healthy also as we supply garden fertilisers and are open to making suggestions if you have any gardening queries. Feel free to come in and have a chat.

  • Customer Satisfaction is our Intention

    Southern Stockfoods SA are delighted to hear stories of your pets and livestock successes and achievements. Please feel free to bring these with you when you visit. Our genuine, caring nature will keep you coming back along with our comprehensive range of products and competitive pricing. We encourage you call or visit our stores 7 days a week, so we can chat about best serving your needs.