• Fodder Store in Lonsdale

  • Fodder Store Lonsdale

    Offering unbeatable service and advice on our whole product range, Southern Stockfoods SA is proud to be a highly reputed supplier across Adelaide and into the southern suburbs including Lonsdale. From point of lay chickens to charcoal, fodder to fertiliser, we have something across all areas of your indoor pet needs through to your outdoor pets and livestock requirements. With a diverse collection of goods for sale, we endeavour to have what you are looking for or we can order it in at your request. Our objective is to keep your animals in good feed and at the height of comfort and good health so we can join in years of sharing them with you. 

  • Fodder and Feeds

    Premier suppliers of fodder and grains for a number of years, Southern Stockfoods SA has become known for their friendly customer service. This is matched by their can do attitude as they endeavour to source whatever it is you require for your pets or livestock. Able to provide all manner of grains and seeds, fodder, hay and pea straw, milled stock feeds, pellets, mash, canned and frozen foods. We are equipped to cater to a diverse cross-section of animals from chickens to cows, snakes to fish, cats and dogs, rabbits and guinea birds, pigs, horses, turtles, alpacas and more. No animal will go hungry on our watch. And you won’t go hungry either if you take on some of our delightful chickens, ready at the point of lay, you will be assured to be in great supply of fresh eggs for the foreseeable days ahead. Additionally, you could be in for some great company and conversation if you take home a couple of our bewitching budgies. We can help you out with cages and feed for these feathered friends, also.

  • Animal Farm

    Every animal at your home or farm is a valuable member of your family. And like you, they all need a bed in which to rest and recuperate to get back on with their busy animal lives tomorrow. We can fit you out with suitable beds and baskets, houses, kennels and cages, pillows and blankets. Come in and view our range, there will be something to please everyone.

  • Satisfied Customers

    Ideally located within minutes of Lonsdale, two Southern Stockfoods stores operate from Old Reynella and Hackham. Able to cater to your car and trailer, for larger loads, each of our stores have carparking suitable for loading and unloading your trailer as required. If you aren’t able to access a trailer, we offer delivery within the local areas for a flat fee of $6 or slightly more for less local areas. We invite you to come and visit our stores to see what we have on offer for your pets, livestock and garden needs.