• Financial Advisor in Henley Beach

  • Financial Advisor Henley Beach

    Are you seeking the services of a financial advisor in Henley Beach? Lumen Financial Strategists are your independently owned and operated financial planners par excellence in Adelaide. You will benefit from their non-alignment with any particular bank or insurance company. The information and advice you receive about investments, superannuation and personal insurance will be objective. Lumen Financial Strategists has more than a decade’s experience in the financial service’s industry. When you want expert financial advice and business acumen to help you realise your goals, they are your number one choice. Please call 08 8211 8511 or Click Here to email to find out more, or to make an appointment.

  • Business Succession

    Many business people in a partnership in Henley Beach, do not realise the importance of having a business succession plan in place. If your partner should be forced to leave the business through death or incapacitation, are you in a position to pay them out immediately? Lumen Financial Strategists has developed comprehensive solutions to this potential threat to your business. A clearly defined legal agreement set up between partners and insurance in place to cover the funding for the payout if required. Being prepared for eventualities such as these ensures the ongoing security of your business.

  • Investment

    Investing means different things to different people. There are, also, a wide range of diverse investment types to consider. Lumen Financial Strategists offers advice based on your particular situation. Listening to you and taking on board your aspirations and goals for the future defines what sort of investments will be presented to you for your consideration. Building your wealth is based on these clearly identified assumptions. A tailored investment strategy will be developed accordingly to deliver income and security into the future.

  • Self Managed Super

    More South Australians are investigating self managed superannuation funds (SMSF), to see if they provide a better solution for their financial situation. SMSF clearly offer greater flexibility and control over the type of investments available to their trustees. Lumen Financial Strategists has been advising and implementing super investment strategies for their clients for a number of years, with great success. SMSFs are not suitable for everyone, but can offer a profitable and self-directed future for those who have the time and assets to invest into them.

  • Retirement Planning

    Planning for our retirements in Henley Beach, and in the surrounding suburbs, has never been more important. Longer lives mean longer retirement periods, which require greater levels of funding, if we are to enjoy a relaxed sense of wellbeing. Lumen Financial Strategists can help you with advice about tax, superannuation, estate planning and the Centrelink systems to make sure that you benefit from the tax free thresholds available.