• Fodder Store in Woodcroft

  • Fodder Store Woodcroft

    Southern Stockfoods SA has a top tier team who are knowledgeable and well equipped to cater to all your fodder and feed needs when it comes to your pets and livestock. Additionally, we are capable of supplying various other animal requirements, such as, vet supplies, herbal animal remedies, bedding, garden fertilisers, charcoal and more. We encourage your visit from Woodcroft or call across the seven day week and we will happily help load your trailer or ute within our Old Reynella or Hackham store car park areas.

  • Fodder and Feeds

    Keen to keep up to date with the latest information regarding the health and well-being of animals, we are quick to pass on helpful information to our clients so they may make informed decisions and bring about positive changes in their animals lives, if required. Our premium reputation keeps our fodder and hay, grains and seeds, pellets and mash turning over so we can ensure our stocks are always fresh. We also stock canned and frozen food options. Animals that we can provide food ranges for include cats and dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, fish, turtles, alpacas, horses, snakes and chickens.

  • Food Source Pets

    What better idea than to combine family pets with food production sources. Our chickens lay perfect, golden yolked, tasty eggs, just ripe for your breakfast each morning. You want some chickens, we can get you some chickens. You have chickens, we can help you look after your chickens. Southern Stockfoods SA have chickens available ready to lay. We also have invaluable knowledge to assist looking after your chickens. They make great family additions. Another superb family addition is a budgie or two. Easy to care for, they give more than they take and can provide great company and conversation.

  • Bedding Supplies

    All these animals need a place to sleep, whether indoors or outdoors, we can help you and fit out your pet in appropriate sleeping quarters. The latest in beds and baskets, pillows and blankets, bed frames and covers, kennels, cages and dog houses. Our friendly staff will also be able to offer advice and suggestions for caging animals for their safety and for successful disciplinary purposes.

  • Specialist Animal Services

    Southern Stockfoods SA offer special treatment to animal lovers and welcome you and your collection of pets and livestock needs. Our aim is to deliver you a premium service along with the delivery of your large items and bulk goods. Delivery can be arranged for $6 to the local Woodcroft area and neighbouring suburbs. Delivery to areas less local will incur a slightly higher fee, just ask. We await your pet and livestock queries today and look forward to developing an ongoing relationship with your personal animal farm.