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  • Garage Door Automation

    Do you have a garage roller door that is not automated? It is frustrating having to get out of the car, and manually roll up your door, when it could be done with a simple remote control from your car. For roller door automation and converting a manual door into an automated one, contact Eric of Viking Services. Viking Services can make your manual door motorised.

  • Remote Controlled Garage Door

    Eric is the expert at garage door automation. If you are sick and tired of having to open your door by hand, or like many people, your garage ends up a storage facility rather than an easy place to park your car, then contact Eric. It takes only a few hours to automate your roller door, and Eric will even include a free spare remote control.

  • How much does it cost to make a roller door automatic?

    Garage door automation, often referred to as remote controlled garage doors are relatively inexpensive. There are always slight variables in retrofitting the mechanisms that allow an automatic roller door. As Eric of Viking Services is a local, he is best suited to offer a fast quote and can often perform the work immediately. Get your door motorised today and enjoy the benefits of a remote controlled door.