• Financial Advisor in Mount Barker

  • Financial Advisor Mount Barker

    Looking for sound financial advice in Mount Barker, SA 5251? Lumen Financial Strategists is your independently owned and operated financial planning organisation in South Australia. This is an important point of difference in the world of financial services. Not being owned or controlled by a bank or insurance company provides you peace of mind that your best interests are top of mind in the advice given to you. With more than a decade’s experience as financial advisors, Lumen Financial Strategists can enrich your future and secure your retirement in style. They offer estate planning, personal insurance, investment strategies and self managed super fund advice and implementation. Call 08 8211 8511 or Click Here to email for an appointment; this could be the most valuable call you make this year.

  • Retirement Planning

    In Mount Barker, and right around the state, planning for your retirement has become a vital financial consideration. Longer expected life spans are delivering much longer retirement periods, which need to be adequately funded. We all want to spend our retirements in secure and comfortable circumstances, which means comprehensive retirement planning. Lumen Financial Strategists can help you with tax, superannuation, investments and the Centrelink systems to maximise your tax free income throughout your retirement. Enjoy the lifestyle you deserve with proper planning.

  • Self Managed Super

    The self-managed-super-fund is worth exploring if you have the time and resources to make it work for you. If you want more control over where your super money is invested and are interested in those investments working for you in the here and now, the SMSF might be your solution. Lumen Financial Strategists has helped clients create property structures and share portfolios which have enabled greater rewards going forward.

  • Investment

    Investment advice works best when your financial planner listens to you outline your goals and aspirations. Lumen Financial Strategists do not impose a one size fits all approach on their clients, they base their investment planning on your particular situation. They identify the right investment solutions that appeal to you. Your Mount Barker financial future will be enriched and secured through a tailored investment strategy.

  • Business Succession

    If you are in a business partnership in Mount Barker, or in Adelaide, are you prepared financially, if you are suddenly forced to pay out your partner? Whether through death or incapacitation, these situations can arise, catching businesses off guard and threatening their survival. Lumen Financial Strategists has developed comprehensive solutions to meet these challenges to your business. Legally defined agreements between partners and insurance in place to fund these potentially catastrophic upheavals. Preparation is essential if businesses are to survive and thrive.