• Gyms in Mawson Lakes

  • Join the world’s largest growing functional training network. At F45 Training, we do things differently. With 16 unique programs including a mix-up of 1200 exercises, we change our workouts every day. We’re not afraid to have fun at F45 Training. You’ll hear the DJ mixes pumping from our space at 37-39 Commercial Road Port Adelaide. If you’ve got questions about how you F45 can get you the results you’ve always wanted, drop in or call 0450 248 989. Mawson Lakes SA 5095 isn’t far from us, so if you’re looking for a local fitness studio, we’re it. Come and enjoy a one-week free trial.  

  • Stay motivated. Get healthy.

    Our expert-led interactive group training sessions make working out easier and entertaining. We believe that achieving your fitness and nutrition goals doesn’t have to be an unrealistic aim. In a motivating and inspiring method, our F45’s always enjoying working out. Get that team spirit feeling with F45 Training. Download our app to give you, even more, accountability when you’re at work or home. You can plan your weekly workouts and get all the support you need. 

  • About F45 Training, Port Adelaide

    Choose training program that the stars use, F45 Training. Our extensive range of workouts is both challenging and creative to get muscles moving that you never even thought you had. Get results in a fun and friendly environment. You have access to a personal trainer every time you work out, without having to pay the hefty fees. F45 is affordable and gets you to where you want to be. 

  • Alternative workouts

    You won’t find our workouts anywhere else in the world. Why? Because we customise them on our own. Here are three of the workouts our clients love doing: 

    3Peat: Everybody loves a challenge. What a better way to get tough for your next competition. You’ll have a team smashing it out with you. Get ready!

    Pipeline: Go pro by practicing the paddling movement. Going through a 14-ft shore break sets will be easy if you can get through the F45 program. We’ll test your balance and skills, so you can develop your stability and core.

    Templars: Pick your buddy for this fun workout. You’re going to need someone beside you while you’re slicing and dicing those fat cells.

    Say hi today us today. We’re not a long drive from Mawson Lakes or you can call us on 0450 248 989.