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Founded in 2007 by architect Stewart Smith, SMITH Architects Brisbane is a boutique architectural design firm located in Brisbane, QLD. We pride ourselves on remaining small to focus on our clients and dedicate ample time to the creative process for each project.

Stewart brings a wealth of experience from working on a diverse range of project types and scales with leading architectural firms in Brisbane before starting his independent practice. This background equips us with the skills needed for refined design, construction management, and effective client collaboration.

Our practice thrives on strong relationships with various building and design professionals, including interior and landscape designers, contractors, engineers, town planners, and building certifiers. These connections, along with our specialized expertise, enable us to deliver unique and successful architectural solutions for our clients.

Stewart and the SMITH Architects team have the distinct advantage of incorporating direct on-site construction experience into your design. Having worked as a building contractor and carpenter on numerous projects, this practical knowledge fosters excellent working relationships with the contractors we engage.

Stewart is registered with the Board of Architects in both QLD and NSW.

Outside of project work, Stewart enjoys spending time on construction sites, undertaking his own renovations, and building homes. His passions extend to climbing mountains, ocean activities, snow sports, and exploring coffee shops with friends.

Stewart’s exposure to diverse cultures and people enriches his understanding of clients, helping to uncover their uniqueness and individuality. This insight enables SMITH Architects to create beautiful, textured, and distinctive designs.

Our Approach

We are Architects and Project Managers dedicated to guiding our clients and builders through to the end of construction, ensuring the built project enhances the design.

We foster strong relationships with our clients, builders, tradespeople, and consultants to deliver successful projects and craft unique designs.

We collaborate with experienced, talented tradespeople who understand and contribute to our shared vision.

We believe that good architecture is art that evokes emotions. This belief drives us to create exceptional buildings.

Working with skilled tradespeople, we ensure that our collective vision is realized in every project.

We strive to create unique and enjoyable architecture that reflects the site, environment, and individuality of our clients.

We view building as a memory-making process. The way people experience our architecture creates lasting impressions, which inspire us.

Our Commitment

We prioritize what matters most to our clients and work diligently throughout the project to uphold those values.

We recognize that building or renovating is often the largest financial investment our clients will make. We respect this investment and apply our extensive experience to each project.

We cultivate strong relationships with our Brisbane clients, builders, tradespeople, and consultants to deliver successful projects and create bespoke designs.

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