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  • Masport Wood Fires

    About Masport wood heaters. Masport is part of a larger Glen Dimplex Group. Worldwide the group employs over 8,500 employees and manufactures a wide array of domestic appliances, including wood heaters under the Masport name.

    The Masport range includes 6 main categories to do with fireplaces and wood heating. These are, steel freestanding fires, cast iron freestanding fires, steel inbuilt fires, cast iron inbuilt fires, spare parts and previous models.


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  • Wood Heater Tips from Masport

    Buying a wood heater is great. Nothing comes close to having a crackling fire in your home to warm you up and set a mood. But here are a few tips to get the most out of your wood fire, courtesy of Masport.

    Stock up on plenty of wood before winter. Try to collect as much hardwood as you can, denser wood will burn longer and cause less build up in your flue.

    Avoid any damp wood or wood with excessive bark, look for the dry pieces that show signs of splitting. If you have larger pieces, make sure they are adequately split so they burn more easily.

    Start off lighting the smallest driest pieces first, then if you have to, move on to newer timber for your fire.

    Maintain and service your wood heater by a professional before each winter.