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  • Arborist Adelaide

    Through his company, Tree Consultants.Com.Au, Guy O'Donnell is one of Adelaide's leading arborists. Guy enjoys offering advice to help maintain, prune and protect your trees. It takes a trained eye to examine various plants to assess problems and then provide solutions. For local residents in Adelaide, advice is often needed on council planning and significant tree issues. Council may request an arborist report in certain cases where tree removal of significant trees is proposed.

    Guy O'Donnell of Tree Consultants has over three decades in consultation, pruning, reporting and tree advice. Guy is a member of Arboriculture Australia, ISA Certified, and a National Trust Arborist.

    Guy can provide you with all the information you require to maintain healthy trees, cure plant ailments, or provide an arborists' report.

  • Elm Leaf Beetle Treatment

    Guy of Tree Consultants.Com.Au is a specialist in elm leaf beetle treatment. Guy identified and discovered the Elm Leaf Beetle in Adelaide South Australia in December 2011 on the mother tree in Malvern. He immediately notified the biosecurity department in PIRSA and the public through ABC radio and print media.

    To view more about Guy's specific elm leaf beetle treatment CLICK HERE.

  • Trees Have Rights Too

    Did you know that your trees have rights independent of you? If your tree has reached a certain size you need council approval to remove it from your property. Experienced arborist, Guy O'Donnell can advise you of the laws pertaining to tree pruning and removal of Regulated Trees and  Significant Trees. Guy offers an assessment service to ascertain the health of trees within your garden or property. With trees it pays to look ahead and plan with foresight the spatial requirements of your trees as they grow. As well as advice, Guy offers council arborist reports.

  • Tree Health Assessment and Advice

    Depending on how much information you need, our advice can be in the form of an informal discussion on how best to maintain, trim and look after your garden. If you require an in depth report for council, construction or simply your own peace of mind, then Guy O'Donnell can provide sustainability assessments, recommendation reports, significant tree reports and tree health assessments. As an arboriculturalist with over 36 years of experience, Guy is someone local you can trust for reliable information and assistance.


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