• Gyms in Woodville

  • Get your one-week free trial in a systemised team training workout structure that’s taking the world by storm. F45 Training is a unique training technique that even the stars are embracing. Designed to inspire, motivate and create results, our group training works. If you live in Woodville SA 5011, we’re your local gym. Technology is at the core of our fitness programs, which change daily. Working out has never been more fun. You can come and experience the action at 37-39 Commercial Road Port Adelaide, Monday to Friday 5.30am-7.15pm and 7.00-10.00am Saturday. Call us today on 0450 248 989 if you have any questions. 

  • New training to get you fit

    Try the world’s largest growing functional training network. Gone are the days where you have to search for motivation to visit the gym. No more just walking on a treadmill for half an hour then going home. F45 Training is inspirational, motivational and most importantly, gets the results. Our F45’s experience fun, expert-led group training sessions, and you can too. It’s like having a personal trainer, at every workout. And what’s even better is the cost. 

  • About F45 Training, Port Adelaide

    Our training is a combination of 16 unique workout systems, which are tried and tested by our experts. Our goal is to help you achieve maximum results in minimum time while having fun doing it. You have the flexibility to plan your class schedule through the F45 training app. Everything is in real-time and you can easily access personal tracking so you’re continuously developing.

    Add to this the best trainers in the industry and the support of other people in the group – and you can’t help but get the results you’ve always wanted. It’s like playing a sport. It’s fun, social and you have each other to bounce off on. 

  • The benefits of group training

    There are unique benefits of training in a group that simply aren’t there when you’re running on a treadmill or pumping weights. Accountability is the biggest advantage of group training. Encouragement is another big win, as your workout buddies are a key factor in keeping you on track. Not to mention exercising in groups is social and at times, funny. Enjoy working out together. You’ll laugh, you’ll sweat, you’ll get tired, and you’ll feel great after it all.

    Come and meet our trainers today. We’re five minutes from Woodville. Call 0450 248 989 if you have any questions.