• Gyms in Seaton

  • Innovation. Motivation. Results – the three pillars of our company, F45 Training. We offer a new training technique which leaves our clients (and competition) sweating. It’s one of the most challenging and systemised team training workouts in the world. Find us at 37-39 Commercial Road Port Adelaide. Drop by or call us on 0450 248 989 if you’d rather chat on the phone. We’re open Monday to Friday 5.30am-7.15pm and 7.00-10.00am Saturday. Try the revolutionary training system that’s literally changing bodies and lives around the world. We’re not far from Seaton SA 5023, so come see our gym today. Organise your one-week free trial. 

  • Unlike any gym

    We’re unlike any other gym. At F45 Training, we focus on small groups. It’s like having a personal trainer, without the expense of one. Our clients love the personal service level and having a personal trainer at all times. Having someone to keep you accountable makes all the difference to your training. Small groups are our speciality, which is where the greatest results happen. You can view our timetables online, so planning your day is easy with us. 

  • Training designed by world’s leading fitness experts

    Our training is designed by the world’s best fitness experts. With technology at the core of what we do, our fitness always delivers results, in a fun, supportive and interactive environment. Every workout is enjoyed together in-group sessions. And it’s not just us South Aussies loving F45 Training. The craze has gone worldwide. Think of us not as a gym, but rather a network. If it gets you moving, you’re more than likely going to see the move in our space. 

  • The workouts

    We look at working out differently. It’s less about losing weight and being lean, and instead about having fun and living healthy. Because the weight and tone come as a result of enjoying being active. Our programs are based on behaviour movement, so they get the results without the injury. Our F45’s not only track their workouts and nutrition, but also know what to do with the information. Our programs are just as unique as our F45’s.

    Pull, push, pick up, crunch, spin, stretch… we do it all. Join the revolution today. It’s fun and you’ll love making new friends.

    If you live in Seaton, we’re your local gym. Call 0450 248 989 or drop by to get started.