• Gyms in Rosewater

  • With workouts that change daily, multi-screen guidance, heart rate monitoring technology and timing screens, training has never been as supportive as this. At F45, the world’s largest growing functional training networks, we help you get the results. Exercising with your new fitness friends is fun, with personal trainers there to keep you accountable. It’s fun, social and challenging. We have 1200 carefully designed exercises that we change up each day in our 16 programs. These interactive group sessions are where the magic happens. It’s like having a personal trainer included in your gym membership. Every time you workout, you’re led by a professional trainer. Try F45 today. Either call 0450 248 989 or visit us at 37-39 Commercial Road Port Adelaide. We’re open Monday to Friday 5.30am-7.15pm and 7.00-10.00am Saturday, so come and get your one-week free trial now. Rosewater SA 5013 isn’t far from us, and if you love it as much as we think you will, grab some friends and car pull. 

  • The best gym in Adelaide (and the world)

    If you’re looking for the best gym in Adelaide, try us. Our functional training is taking the world by storm because it’s innovative, creative and motivational. Working out doesn’t have to be done alone. It’s hard to stay energetic and accountable without a team and trainers helping you reach your goals. Think of us as a team training studio, rather than a gym. 

  • One-week free fitness membership

    Come and visit us today to see how we work out. You can start your one-week free membership to try it yourself. We’ll get you to download the F45 Training App, so you can start to organise your workouts for the week. This helps to keep you accountable, block out time for fitness, set your goals, and understand your achievements. 

  • Kickstart your health today

    Our programs are grounded in behaviour movement to help reach your goals, without injury. Here is a glimpse into one of our programs, the Hollywood.  

    Do it like the stars do. Dance to the tunes of a live DJ for 45 minutes. It’s a high-intensity interval circuit around 27 stations, putting your strength, core stability and cardiovascular endurance to the test. The Hollywood move is all about building your strength and stamina. Get a bit of glitz and glamour into your Monday.

    Start your new fitness journey with us. Come and visit us from Rosewater or call 0450 248 989.