• Affordable Cleaning of Your Flues and Chimneys

    At affordable chimney sweeps we have experienced contractors with the right equipment to get your chimney cleaned to work more efficient and function safely. With years of experience cleaning chimneys all over Adelaide, let us offer you our special offer from $165 for a full clean. This is for a limited time and conditions apply. You won't find a more qualified tradesperson offering a professional clean of your flue and a full chimney sweep for less.

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  • Bargain! Full Clean from $165 Special Offer

    Bargain special. Limited offer, from $165 for a full chimney sweep. Adelaide residents, take advantage of an extremely low price from a contractor with the best equipment, best practices and years of experience. This offer won't be beaten, conditions apply so call us now to secure your spot.

  • Do I need to clean my chimney every year?

    There are three main reasons why you need to perform regular maintenance of your chimney. The first and most important one is for your own health and the health of your family. Every fire gives out potentially harmful gases during the burning process. By keeping your flue clear, the gases and smoke escape to where they can not cause your lungs any damage.

    The second reason is to avoid chimney fires. Yes these are a real threat, the do happen when these is excess build up. It's rare you will lose your home from this, you are more likely to get a cracked chimney pot, but regular cleaning and sweeping of excess soot build up is vital for safety.

    The third reason is to avoid smoke damage. Every single time the fireplace is used, the smoke causes as accumulation of soot. This can shrink the size of the flue, minimising the smoke uptake. If the chimney is too congested to have enough pull, then smoke may enter the room. Even a small amount can cause damage and a more expensive clean up of your house.

    The fourth reason, is of course for Christmas time, so it's ready for Santa to bring you presents.

    If you are using your fireplace often, then hiring a chimney sweep twice a season is recommended. With our specials of just $165 for a clean, there's no reason to put it off any longer.

  • What tasks does a chimney sweep perform?

    We remove blockages, soot, built up creosote from a chimney liner and clean the flue. The last thing you want is a semi blocked chimney that leaves you susceptible to down drafts allowing smoke and toxic gases back into your home. Creosote is highly flammable, and if allowed to build up, uncleaned, can cause a fire hazard. Burning pine causes the highest amount of creosote build up and should be avoided for slower burning timber.

    Call us and ask about our $165 special this winter. There's no better offer to have your chimney cleaned in a jiffy by an expert with years of industry experience. All jobs are professionally done, leaving no mess behind and completed in very little time leaving you to get on with your daily life.

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    • Steve arrived exactly when he said he would. He was bright and cheerful and a good story teller! He left absolutely no mess, cleaning up as he did the job. Very happy and would recommend. Marian 06/14/2019
    • Fantastic work from the guy, my chimney is burning like new again, very happy with their work Tim 12/22/2021